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“A chic boutique hotel with new trends in design, cooking and interaction with art”


Hotel B Cozumel is a unique and avant-garde offer for the travelers in search of new experiences. Only 5 minutes away from downtown Cozumel and ideally located on a natural bay, the hotel blends its contemporary and traditional style with Mexico´s creative touches of young artisan’s talents. It is one of the most exclusive and ‘’chic’’ places of the Caribbean, next to the sea shore with a private beach … a kind of mix between Miami and Mexico with gourmet cuisine and excellent service.

It was conceived as an evolving space enriched with the creativity of every visitor. A boutique hotel in Cozumel to experience art; a blank canvas that invites artists, artisans and travelers to enhance their creative side and leave a brushstroke in their way.

The B represents various concepts of the hotel focused on offering unique experiences that you can always remember & treasure.
Why B?
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