Jennifer & Jason

February 12, 2020

Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers are awesome at what they do! They listen to what you want and do everything in their power to make it happen for you! They are friendly, detail oriented and Love what they do! They Love, LOVE! I rate them a 10 out of 10 and definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for that beautiful beach wedding/vow renewal.

Tim & Gay

December 31, 2019

Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers made our dream come true. Indeed we were a bit nervous about booking such an important ceremony with an unfamiliar company that was far away.... but any fears we had were for naught, as EVERYTHING was perfect, - Francisco and Edgar thought and supplied every small thing we could have thought of. A beautiful setting, bouquet for the bride, certificate of marriage, a flowered isle on a sandy beach and celebratory champagne all coupled the well written vows that will be a best memory for a lifetime. And then we received the pictures... WOW, what great pics for our memory book. Thank You Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers; -you outdid yourself! Tim and Gay

Tatjana & Alexander

December 27, 2019

Cozumel dream Wedding makers made our wedding day, and all the days leading up to it an absolute joy! 
I can't say enough positive things about Edgar, Francisco and Gris, Edgar's better half!  They truly made our day special, easy, painless and an absolute dream. 
We have over 700 AMAZING pictures and 20+ minutes of great video, and without even asking me they edited it with wonderful Mexican music that we had listened to during the cocktail hour of our reception. They even edited our first dance to look cute and fun and together instead of awkward and silly, which is how it felt. Thank you Edgar and Francisco. Can't wait to see you again next time we are in Cozumel. You are now honorary Balkan citizens. 

Holly & Zachary

December 10, 2019

They did an amazing job! We couldn’t have asked for anything more. They exceeded my expectations and made the day perfect.

Alberto & Daira

December 9, 2019

They are excellent for all types of wedding and or vow renewal ceremonies!

Katie & Vicente

December 2, 2019

Richard & Heidi

November 7, 2019

We came to Cozumel to renew our vows after 20 amazing years. Didn’t expect anything special, just a nice ceremony to reaffirm our commitment to each other. We we’re blown away! Every single detail was thoughtfully planned and perfectly executed. Edgar and Francisco went way above and beyond for us. The setting was perfectly set up on the beach. The fresh flowers, the decorations , just gorgeous. Heidi was nervous about booking our ceremony and unsure of the outcome. You made our day absolutely perfect. If anyone is considering a wedding or renewal in Cozumel These are the people to turn your special day over to. Not a chance you will be unhappy. From the bottom of our hearts, we Thank you for an amazing time!

Richard & Heidi.

Beverly & William

November 21, 2019

I have to say our wedding with Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers was more than we had ever dreamed. Francisco and Edgar could not have done any more to make us happy. They made us feel like we were movie stars not just a couple renewing our vows. The setting was idyllic and the ceremony was beautiful and we both had fun. They made sure we all had a good time and lots of laughs and fun. We were relaxed and had a great time. Tempting to do it again just to experience it again. Thanks guys

We had the best time! Our day was more than perfect. Thank you Francisco and Edgar we appreciate everything so much!

Katie & Vicente

Hailey & Mike

October 30, 2019

Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers went above and beyond to ensure that my new Husband and I’s day was everything we could have imagined! From the location where I got ready, out of the heat and secluded. To the gorgeously set up venue with my tropical bouquet. It was amazingly perfect. Eva did a great job on my makeup. It kept as much as it could have for how hot it was. Francisco, our minister said all the right things and had me in tears from the beginning. And our photographer Edgar did a fantastic job of catching each and every emotion that happened on our wedding day! 10/10 would recommend!

Shana & Kurt

September 26, 2019

We had our vow renewal for our 10 year anniversary planned in another location, however the Hurricane had different plans. Cozumel Dream Weddings Makers put together our vow renewal in 2 days notice. LIFE SAVERS! In addition to this It was MORE than I could have ever dreamed of. They were professional, extremely affordable and pictures were beyond beautiful. I would HIGHLY recommend them. They truly saved our trip! Thank you for an incredible memorable experience!

Shana & Kurt.

Chelsea & Dylan

September 24, 2019

My wedding plans went all wrong and before I could even think about having a meltdown, this absolutely beautiful place put together the most perfect wedding in 2 days notice! It was even more perfect than I could have dreamed. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good destination wedding spot! They will take such good care of you and the photos come back super fast! And we’re perfect as well!

Chelsea & Dylan.

Dani & Chris

September 16, 2019

We had a vow renewal on September 16, 2019. From the time we met the gentleman who got us our taxi to the time we got back on our Disney cruise, We were taking care of! my family and I felt safe and truly cared for. The renewal was absolutely beautiful and so informative when it came down to the Mayan ceremony. The scenery was breathtaking and the photographer Edgar was very accommodating and took stunning pictures. Needless to say we loved our time with Cozumel dream wedding makers and would do it all over again with them! 

Thanks so much for all your help that day!

Robin & Jaymie

August 2, 2019

We were taking a cruise to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and 13th together. As a suprise I booked a vow renewal with Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers and they far exceeded all my expectations!!! It was breathtaking and incredibly thoughtful. There was story telling of ancient traditions and they allowed us to fully be ourselves during the ceremony. I would recommend them to ANYONE as they are fully affirming.

Robin & Jaymie

Sky & Jordan

July 18, 2019

It was my dream wedding all because of your attention to detail. Thank you so much! I can't say enough amazing things about you guys.

Sky & Jordan

Ginger & Josh

June 12, 2019

We just saw my wedding pictures! They turned out so great! Thank you for all your help! I'm so glad we found you!! :-) :-) :-)

Helena & Stephen

June 10, 2019

10⭐️ service for our traditional Mayan vow renewal on the most beautiful beach for our 10th wedding anniversary. The guys looked after us like royalty, very meaningful and memorable. Edgar captured every moment so beautifully on camera and we will cherish these photos for ever! Thank you so much Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers for making our dreams come true 💕

Helena, Stephen & Lily

Erica & Jon

June 3, 2019

We can’t express enough how grateful we are to Cozumel Dream Weddings for making our special day so perfect. 
Edgar and Francisco did an amazing job capturing our Vow Renewal with all 5 of our kids. They were so helpful and accommodating. We received our pictures the day after returning from our cruise. I cried again looking at the fabulous pictures and how Edgar captured every part of our day. 
Thank you so much for making our dream ceremony come true. 

The Baker’s

Sherry & Clay

May 28, 2019

It was a fun day!!! Thank yall for making my beach wedding dream come true!! Loved every minute...even getting swept away in the waves lol!

Sherry & Clay

Darris & Melody

May 15, 2019

We were just married yesterday and I can’t tell you how wonderful our experience was. Utmost professionalism and far exceeded our expectations. What a great way to start our marriage. So appreciate the job you did for us!

Brandi & Sean

May 8, 2019

Words cannot describe how breathtakingly beautiful our Mayan beach wedding ceremony was. It was beyond expectation and a very unique and beautiful experience. I'm lucky to have found these wedding planners, I was assisted every step of the way. The ceremony wasn't rushed and Shaman and photographer were very compassionate and kind. The photographer Edgar is extremely talented and took his time photographing beautiful pictures of us. We received them quickly and they were breathtaking. I wasn't sure how exactly it would turn out taking a chance and planning a wedding online but I cannot say enough how happy I am with it. Thank you!

Mary & Bobby

Mary & Bobby

April 25, 2019

April 25, 2019

Wow! Edgar and Francisco were and AMAZING team!

We are a blended family, we exchanged vows not only to each other but also to each of the children. They were patient and seemed genuinely happy to be with us on this very special day. We have yet to receive our pictures, but are excited to see them as the photographer was so good with the children with lots of jokes and light hearted direction. I'm sure they will be fantastic! Thanks again CDWM for making our day so enjoyable.


Mary, Bobby, Quinn, Olivia and Violet.

Wow! Edgar and Francisco were and AMAZING team!

We are a blended family, we exchanged vows not only to each other but also to each of the children. They were patient and seemed genuinely happy to be with us on this very special day. We have yet to receive our pictures, but are excited to see them as the photographer was so good with the children with lots of jokes and light hearted direction. I'm sure they will be fantastic! Thanks again CDWM for making our day so enjoyable.


Mary, Bobby, Quinn, Olivia and Violet.

Mary & Bobby

April 13, 2019

My husband and I went to Cozumel to renew our wedding vows for our 30th anniversary. Originally we were going to renew our vows at CHAKANAAB ECO PARK. Unfortunately they no longer do vow renewals. We had to reschedule last minute and was recommended Cozumel dream wedding makers as an alternate choice by This is Cozumel as an alternate option. My husband and I wanted a SHAMEN to marry us. Edgar our photographer went out of his way to take pictures that we will treasure for years to come. Our SHAMEN was wondeeful. When I received the pictures I was so pleased at how he captured how happy were with the results. Thank you Cozumel dream wedding makers for a wonderful experience. I highly recommend them.

Zulma & Ale

April 5, 2019

Gracias por haber superado todas las expectativas de mi boda. Gracias a Edgar por tan bella fotografia, al Mariachi por alegrar la tarde, y a Eva por cada detalle en nuestro peinado y maquillaje. Todo lo que soñe se vio plasmado en hechos, en cada detalle que Francisco planeo y cuido hasta el mas minimo petalo de rosa en el suelo. De verdad quiero volverme a casar para revivir cada momento de ese dia... y asi sera pronto para renovar votos con el amor de mi vida que fue el principal elemento en que Francisco pudiera pleanear tan bonito dia. De nuevo, gracias Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers, for going above and beyond any of my expectations. Saludos y abrazos a todo el equipo.

Kevin & Mary

March 20, 2019

There are times in life when special times are marked by love and happiness....the folks at Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers made our vow renewal as memorable and touching as our wedding. The intense love of their service shows from beginning to end in the heart smiles we still carry.

Thank you so much Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers for helping to make memories that will be cherished for the rest of our lives!!

Chad & Nicole

March 11, 2019

Thank you soooo much for everything. Everything was beyond my expectations! Chad and I could not be any happier with our photos and ceremony. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Gustavo & Emily

December 20, 2018

Thank you so much Francisco & Edgar!!

We are so happy!! 

EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING!! We are so in love with our photos and your services! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


We loved working with you. I cannot wait to post my wedding photos, they’re beautiful. 


Much thanks,

Emily & Gustavo

Suzanne and Faith

November 19, 2018

There simply aren't adequate words to say how special our wedding was and how it wouldn't have been possible without you - our Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers!!! Not only did we appreciate your incredible professionalism, we also appreciate now having a few new amazing lifelong friends! We can honestly say that the planning leading up to our day was enjoyable and stress free, even though we were 2100 miles away. Your attention to detail, quick response time, and expert suggestions all came together for perfection. We truly felt that our dream destination wedding was individualized and choreographed just for us! The timing of the ceremony was coordinated with the timing of

the sunset, which couldn't have been more breathtaking...  And the evening was extra-special in having you stay to enjoy our reception and celebration with us! Moments from this once-in-a-lifetime event will always be remembered and we, along with our family and friends gathered there with us, will forever be grateful for the part team played in making it all come together. Through a kind minister with a Christian message and a touching sand ceremony,

I married my best friend and soulmate on the beautiful beach of Cozumel that day... and I can't wait to experience all the joy that life holds for us! You have to know that the personalized sand decanter and the Mariachi band were two unique touches that evening, plus the flowers! 


A heartfelt thank you from both of us to you all

for embracing love as a union that knows no boundaries... We're forever grateful that we were led to Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers to orchestrate the celebration of our love for one another and our marriage!

Best wishes, take care, and please stay in touch!